Tall and tan and young and lovely….

I first heard the song, “The Girl from Ipanema,” when I was twelve years old. My uncle, who’s a jazz aficionado, lended me the Stan Getz CD. From then on, I became hooked on bossa nova and samba. Even now, when I read for class, I still tune in to the Stan Getz or Astrud Gilberto channel on Pandora. I’d never thought in all these years, that I would be listening to the song while walking along Ipanema Beach.

I mentioned in my last post that I was curious to discover more of Rio. While I’ve barely scratched the surface, I think I’ve found a piece that I’m happy with. Every morning before class, I’ll take a 1-2 hour stroll along Copacabana and Ipanema Beach. It takes 15-20 minutes from my hotel to get to Ipanema, but once I enter the beach, the view is amazingly worthwhile.


I think when traveling, I think it’s necessary to find a routine or find something about the country that I can personally claim. And for me, taking daily walks along Ipanema Beach, while listening to bossa nova and samba, is my favorite thing to do here. It’s my time to meditate, it’s my time to get away, and not worry. No matter what happens, I’ll always look back on my time in Brazil and remember taking walks and seeing the dramatic cliffs, the splashing waves, sandy coastline, and bright blue skies. That for me is my Brazil.



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